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Your go-to towing experts in Brisbane! We handle everything from vehicles to caravans, and even offer interstate towing services.

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General Trade

Need a vehicle or plant, moved from A to B? We move all types of vehicles and equipment, daily. With competitive rates, we’re the right choice for you!

Lowered Vehicles

Whether you’re looking to move that hotboi Civic you’ve just built or you have a high end prestige/ race car, with carbon splitters to no end. We specialise in getting your pride and joy moved, damage free.

towing services
towing services


We facilitate interstate transport daily. Supertow have a close network of vetted contractors that we work with, so if we can’t get you there ourselves, we will make sure the right person does!


Supertow offers efficient breakdown towing services through Brisbane and other states. Our experienced team provides prompt assistance for vehicle breakdowns, including tow Brisbane, roadside assistance, and vehicle recovery. Contact us for reliable and swift breakdown towing solutions.

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accident towing

Accident Towing

Supertow offers professional accident towing services in Brisbane and other states. Our skilled team provides immediate response for accident scenes, including tow Brisbane, vehicle recovery, and accident scene clearance. Contact us for reliable and efficient accident towing solutions.

Caravan/ Trailer tows

Every vehicle we have is covered by a number of insurances, including on hook/ public liability. If your trailer is simply too large or it is able to be moved by being towed along, rest assured, it’s covered. We organise caravan shows every other week, therefore we have almost every hitch attachment you can think of!
towing services
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